POLARO_ID - Fotografische Arbeiten von Oliver Blohm

Between the extremes:

Beauty and destruction // acceleration and deceleration // mankind and experiment // digital and analog.
Oliver Blohm's newest photos depict our society's paranoia.

Oliver Blohm questions everything today's instant photography stands for, using polaroid films and a heavy 60 pound, large-sized camera. With calculated destruction during the photographic process, Blohm creates his very own, anachronistic aesthetic that melts together with the themes. Hybrids of analog material and the digital world are produced. Whether it be in fashion photography, landscape shots or portraits – the photos whisk the observer away into a world of abstract pictures of the mind, fluid identity concepts and morbid beauty.

Oliver Blohm's work has already been displayed internationally alongside Gerhard Richter, Georg Baselitz, Ellen von Unwerth and Jack White – now, an exhibition is solely dedicated to his work, covering 675 m2, in the Artspace, in BIKINI BERLIN.

Oliver Blohm

Oliver Blohm was born in 1987 in Schwerin, and grew up in a small village in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Surrounded by nature he developed a special connection with light – and the people around him. Even as a schoolboy he was drawn to photography; an interest through which he grew artistically from 2007 onwards during his studies in Wismar. It was here he began to experiment in the darkroom with alternative techniques for developing his analogue film materials. This lead to various photo-media projects and publications, and finally his decision to move to Berlin in 2011 to explore new paths and put his theory into practice. Having access to more diverse subjects in the German capital, he could finally begin to search for new identities to create his characters. Taking light as one of his main sources of inspiration and as his most important tool at the same time, he uses the camera as an extension – inhaling the moments he creates and transforming them into works of unconventional beauty.

Fashion photography in which the garments merge hypnotically with the human form combines with portrait photography; showing as it were a dark soul – fuelled by desire, compulsion and yet with the innermost beauty and strength. His still life captures serve as snapshots from a long forgotten era. Mostly black and white, his photographs play with light – the carefully-placed shadows as integral as the blur and multiple exposures of the film itself. Oliver Blohm recognises the camera as an extension of his own body; the perfect fusion between subject and object. Due to the long exposure time of the camera, standing there in the middle of the room, there's time for the moment to breathe. In this way, that time can be lent to the moment.

For the last two years it has been Blohm's dedication to the art of large-format 8x10 photography that has earned him a name for himself in the photography sphere. Similar to his microwave manipulations, his innovative techniques using Impossible film materials have captured the interest of collaborators and clients from around the globe – even to the far reaches of the desert in Qatar. His works have so far been featured in various publications from around the world, and placed in exhibitions all over Europe alongside artists such as Gerhard Richter, Georg Baselitz, Markus Lüpertz, Rose-Lynn Fischer, Ellen von Unwerth, Allison Mosshart and Jack White.


Friday 14. July 2017, 6pm-10pm

artist waLK // anaLOg in diaLOg:

Morbid beauty, analog-digital experiments and destruction //
Oliver Blohm guides through the exhibition.
Saturday 22. July 2017, 4pm

Curators tour // art meets camPUs:

This is how the curators see the exhibition. A tour.
Friday 21. July 2017, 5pm &
Saturday 29. July 2017, 5pm


Saturday 29. July 2017, 6pm-10pm

Curated by:

The exhibition is curated by a team of young students from the University of Potsdam, under
the supervision of the lecturer and curator Beatrice Miersch and the curator Lena Fließbach.

BiKini BerLin @ artsPace // Positions, 1.Floor


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